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  • Who is the Wizard?

    Wizard is a nickname that was bestowed upon Dr. John years ago by a fellow Head-Fi member. At the time, John was building and posting pictures of his CIEM creations in various DIY threads. One member remarked that it would require the magic of a wizard to create works of art comparable to what John was producing.

  • What is the current build time for a set of CIEMs?

    The current standard build time for a set of Noble CIEMs is approximately 20-30 business days (4-6 weeks) from receipt of impressions at our labs.

    The current rush order build time is approximately 6-8 business days from receipt of impressions at the labs.

  • How about a Prestige CIEM?

    The process of producing a set Prestige CIEMs is extremely laborious and time intensive. As a result, the build time for all Prestige pieces is approximately 50-60 business days (10-12 weeks) from receipt of impressions at the labs. There is currently no rush order option available for Prestige.

  • What configurations are available under Prestige?

    Katana and Kaiser Encore are available in Prestige format.

  • Where are your IEMs and CIEMs made?

    All Noble products are assembled and crafted wherever the people best suited to the task are located.

    We assemble all of our universal and custom IEMs in Malaysia and China respectively, with materials sourced from all over the world. Some of the process for Prestige pieces takes place in the US.

  • What is the Ownership Transfer Service?

    The Ownership Transfer Service (OTS) is a feature that gives original owners of acrylic CIEM products (not SLA, silicone, or Prestige) the ability to resell them. For $399, the second owner can have the product recrafted (basic acrylic faceplates and shells included). The entire menu of acrylic CIEM options is also available to the second owner for applicable fees.

    Please note acrylic CIEMs originally purchased after January 1st 2018 are not eligible for OTS.

  • Can you make my universal into a custom or my custom into a universal?


  • Can you give me an update on my order?

    Updates are only provided for CIEM orders that have exceeed the estimated buildtime of 40 business days by more than two weeks. We politely decline update requests made prior to this point and assure you that we are working as quickly as possible.

  • What physical characteristic distinguishes each IEM?

    With the introduction of the new classic line, each IEM is easily distingusihable by the color of its precision machined aluminum faceplates.

    Please refer to our universal product page for photos.

  • How do I distinguish the left side from the right side?

    There are colored dots where the cable meets the earpieces themselves. The blue dot indicates left, while the red dot indicates right.

    The cable should be worn up, over, and behind the ear with the dots facing "up" at all times.

  • What about customs duties, VAT, and tax?

    The prices of our products are exclusive of any duties, VAT, or tax. The receiver is expected to cover these charges in the event they are assessed.

  • What shipping carrier do you use for shipping?

    We ship all of our IEMs via FedEx and CIEMs via UPS unless otherwise requested. Orders consisitng of only accessories and apparel are generally sent out via USPS (EMS).

  • How do I order both an accessory and a IEM/CIEM?

    Add any combination of IEMs, CIEMs, and accessories to your cart and check out at your own convenience.

  • What are Noble CIEMs made of?

    A little bit of magic and a lot of Wizard dust... just kidding, sort of.

    Noble offers both acrylic and silicone CIEMs. We only use the highest medical grade acrylic and silicone.

    Under Prestige, the possibilities are truly endless. Options will change and categories will evolve under Prestige as new materials become available.

  • What is the difference between acrylic and silicone with respect to CIEMs?

    Acrylic is rigid in structure and allows for more customization. Silicone is slightly malleable, but offers less interior space for placement of components.

  • Why are silicone CIEMs more expensive than acrylic CIEMs?

    Silicone is an increasingly difficult material to work with and therefore more time is spent crafting a silicone CIEM than an acrylic CIEM.

  • What are ear mold impressions?

    Ear mold impressions are just that, impressions of the interior and exterior of your ear! They are an essential part of the CIEM build process and they can be obtained by visiting your local audiologist. For an idea as to what we require, please see our ear mold impressions instructions here.

  • What makes a good impression?

    Please see our impressions instructions for more information.

  • I ordered a CIEM, where do I send my impressions?

    Please refer back to the order confirmation page.

  • Why am I required to send my impressions to the US if the labs are located in China?

    We ask that all customers send their impressions to the US office as this gives us the opportuntiy to inspect impressions prior to them being sent to the labs.

  • Can I send my current CIEMs in as opposed to ear mold impressions?

    You can, but we don’t recommend it. We completely understand that you might have grown accustom to a particular set of customs and would like to see the fit replicated. However, different CIEMs are built differently and there is no guarantee that we will be able to build a new set using an existing set in place of new impressions. For instance, a three-driver CIEM has far fewer drivers than a ten-driver CIEM and therefore requires less space. Depending on the ear, a three-driver may be built flush with the ear while a ten-driver may be built protruding from the ear slightly in order to accommodate additional drivers. In this case, the ten-driver requires more information than the three-driver to build. In short, we can get rid of information if we have too much, but cannot add information if we require more.

    If you do decide to send a pre-existing set of CIEMs to us in place of impressions, please understand that this does not guarantee that you will not need to get impressions done. We also will not be held responsible for anything that happens to your CIEMs while they are in our possession (i.e. damage, theft, loss, etc...).

  • I have been notified my impressions have been received at the labs and have confirmed my order details, when will I hear from you next?

    If we have confirmed receipt of your impressions at our labs, the next email you will receive from us will consist of photos of your finished CIEMs for approval.

  • What is the refit policy on CIEMs?

    If you are experiencing discomfort issues and report them within thirty (30) days of receipt of the finished CIEM, we will refit the CIEM for free. Shipping charges, however, will be assessed.

    For more information, please see our limited warranty.

  • My CIEMs need to be adjusted, but instead of pursuing a refit would it be possible to exchange them for an equivalent universal IEM?

    Absolutely not.

    CIEMs are 100% made-to-order. Refunds, exchanges, and returns are not accepted.

  • Are all Wizard Designs final?


  • What is a Wizard Reprint?

    A Wizard Reprint is an attempt to capture the spirit of the origianl Wizard Design. Reprints are not 100% exact reproductions of the original Wizard Design.

    All reprints are final, no refunds offered or implied.

  • What kind of warranty does Noble offer?

    All Noble products carry a two-year limited warranty that protects the user against any defects in build quality and craftsmanship. Please see our limited warranty for more details.

  • What payment options does Noble accept?

    We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, check, and direct wire transfer.

    Please note that all credit/debit card payments are submitted and processed through PayPal which does not require a PayPal account.

  • My product requires service, how do I send it in?

    All universal IEMs and CIEMs should be sent to the US office. Please refer back to the order confirmation page for instructions.

  • My souffle's keep collapsing! What can I do?

    In order for the meringue to peak properly we suggest adding a little lemon juice to the béchamel. This strengthens the mixture and prevents tragedy.

  • Do you offer/use recessed or MMCX sockets?


  • I am an aspiring/established reviewer and would like to review your products, who should I get in touch with?

    First, thank you very much for your interest in our products. Please understand that the volume of requests we receive for review units is considerable and we cannot accommodate everyone. Please direct any questions or requests to contact@nobleaudio.com and we will do our best to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

  • Do you have an order change policy and if so, what is it?

    Due to the complicated nature or producing CIEMs and the tight schedule we try to adhere to, any changes to an existing order that has been submitted and confirmed will incur a $100 fee.

  • What is your return policy?

    Here at Noble we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to demo our products in the comfort on their own home using their own equipment. Therefore, we afford users 5 day demo period beginning on the date of delivery. Returned products must be received in like-new condition with all accessories and a 20% restocking fee will be assessed. Customers are also expected to pay for return shipping back to Noble.

    If a product is returned and is found to be damaged or missing accessories, a larger restocking fee will be assessed.

    There is no return policy for CIEMs simply due to the custom nature of these products.

  • I have a question that has not been answered here, how do I get in touch with somebody?

    Please feel free to contact us.